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What You Need to Know

There's no simple formula.

Your body is a complex and highly interactive system. Not every problem can be solved by the pill or the knife. In many cases, more balanced and less intrusive treatments are the most effective.

Don't let your pain sideline you

A small injury today can lead to bigger problems tomorrow. Get back on track, with the confidence that you have properly healed, and are as strong or stronger than you were before.

You are the key.

Your health and wellness depend on a variety of factors, most importantly you. Exercise, nutrition, habits, routine, posture, activity level… all aspects of your daily life play a role.

Push through the pain? Not so fast.

Your pain is an important indicator that something is wrong, maybe seriously. The only way to truly resolve pain is to treat the underlying cause. Ignoring it or treating just the symptom could make things worse.

Don't just recover... improve!

With proper treatment and rehabilitation of your injury, you can come back better than before: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn your body, and how best to use and care for it, and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

When you feel better, YOU FEEL BETTER.

Pain casts a cloud over every aspect of our lives. Learning to endure it is not the answer. When you’re free from pain, you have more room to excel, enjoy life, and be your best possible self.

The Leading Fitness-Focused Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA


Only one thing matters: you get better.

As quickly as possible.

Performance Sport Care is a chiropractic clinic in Walnut Creek, CA focused on treating the pain that’s preventing you from operating at your full potential. We do this by working to get to the root cause of your pain, and treating that cause in order to achieve lasting relief and rehabilitation, and get you back in the game quickly and safely.

best fitness-focused chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Douglas Cancel is a chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA who takes an integrated approach, tailored to your unique profile and needs, to get you pain relief efficiently, accurately, and quickly.

What we do

  • Take the time to understand your problem and how it impacts you
  • Zero in on your problem with appropriate and focused evaluation
  • Thoroughly and properly examine you
  • Correlate all available information, not just your imaging results
  • Order medical imaging only when appropriate; no mandatory x-ray requirement
  • Formulate a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs to get you results as quickly as possible
  • Encourage your participation in the recovery process through exercise, diet modification, and other methods to ensure the best possible results.

    How do we help you get better quickly?

    We start by carefully assessing your injury or physical challenge to accurately identify the source of your pain (muscle, joint, nerve, disc, etc.) and its mechanical basis. Once we have a complete picture of your particular condition, we develop a treatment plan to improve your mobility and relieve your pain.

    Effective pain treatment relies on accurate diagnosis

    Dr. Cancel applies a full-spectrum approach that considers the whole picture of your health and body mechanics. Many interconnected factors determine your well-being. Beyond the immediate pain, we look at your activity level, lifestyle, nutrition, work environment, posture, major stressors, and more. 

    You are the key to your success

    We treat your care as a partnership, where you’re involved every step of the way. Your plan will include rehabilitative exercises to get you back to your pre-injury state (or better!) and optimize your strength to get you back in the game with confidence.

      When you visit Performance Sport Care for the first time, you will see that you have come to the right chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA. We are serious about delivering results and ensuring maximum return on your healthcare investment.

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      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC3 weeks ago
      Several studies have shown a correlation between reduced grip strength and the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. More studies are coming to light that are showing a correlation between grip strength and heart problems, lung issues, and a lower life expectancy.

      Do not underestimate the value of increased strength. We, at Performance Sport-Care, are in tune with the science of becoming strong in order to help our patients overcome injuries and improve their health. We are the leading strength and fitness focused Chiropractic facility in our community. (925) 945-1155.

      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC4 weeks ago
      We are very proud to announce that our patient, Stefan Raeth, a right-handed pitcher with the University of Washington Huskies was selected in the 17th round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Seattle Mariners. He is the 13th University of Washington product to be selected by Seattle in the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

      Stefan definitely earned this opportunity. And he earned it the "old fashioned way" with diligent, hard work in spite of the always present naysayers. He spent hours with Dana to develop added strength and muscle mass to compete at the highest level as well as countless hours of baseball practice and coaching to hone his skills.

      Congratulations absolutely must be extended to Stefan's magnificent parents, Thomas and Tamara Raeth, whose steadfast love and support would not have made this moment possible.
      Way to go, Stefan!!
      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC4 weeks ago
      Yes, Spinal Manipulation, more commonly known to the public as "Chiropractic Adjustments" does have a positive impact on athletes, including strength athletes. The benefits of spinal manipulation with respect to athletic performance, in general, have been reported with increasing frequency.

      It shouldn't be necessary but we would nevertheless point out that Chiropractic Adjustments are certainly not a "magic bullet" to cure disease or fix all human problems. However, there is little question that Chiropractic Adjustments are VERY effective at facilitating short term physiological changes that the right evidence based clinician can use in conjunction with other relevant methodologies to solidify true change in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement.

      We are very proud to position ourselves as the leading fitness focused Chiropractic facility in our community. We are serious about delivering maximum results for our patients and ensuring maximum return on their healthcare investment.

      A link to the referenced study is separately posted below.

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