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What You Need to Know

There's no simple formula.

Your body is a complex and highly interactive system. Not every problem can be solved by the pill or the knife. In many cases, more balanced and less intrusive treatments are the most effective.

Don't let your pain sideline you

A small injury today can lead to bigger problems tomorrow. Get back on track, with the confidence that you have properly healed, and are as strong or stronger than you were before.

You are the key.

Your health and wellness depend on a variety of factors, most importantly you. Exercise, nutrition, habits, routine, posture, activity level… all aspects of your daily life play a role.

Push through the pain? Not so fast.

Your pain is an important indicator that something is wrong, maybe seriously. The only way to truly resolve pain is to treat the underlying cause. Ignoring it or treating just the symptom could make things worse.

Don't just recover... improve!

With proper treatment and rehabilitation of your injury, you can come back better than before: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn your body, and how best to use and care for it, and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

When you feel better, YOU FEEL BETTER.

Pain casts a cloud over every aspect of our lives. Learning to endure it is not the answer. When you’re free from pain, you have more room to excel, enjoy life, and be your best possible self.

The Leading Fitness-Focused Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA


Only one thing matters: you get better.

As quickly as possible.

Performance Sport Care is a chiropractic clinic in Walnut Creek, CA focused on treating the pain that’s preventing you from operating at your full potential. We do this by working to get to the root cause of your pain, and treating that cause in order to achieve lasting relief and rehabilitation, and get you back in the game quickly and safely.

best fitness-focused chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Douglas Cancel is a chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA who takes an integrated approach, tailored to your unique profile and needs, to get you pain relief efficiently, accurately, and quickly.

What we do

  • Take the time to understand your problem and how it impacts you
  • Zero in on your problem with appropriate and focused evaluation
  • Thoroughly and properly examine you
  • Correlate all available information, not just your imaging results
  • Order medical imaging only when appropriate; no mandatory x-ray requirement
  • Formulate a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs to get you results as quickly as possible
  • Encourage your participation in the recovery process through exercise, diet modification, and other methods to ensure the best possible results.

    How do we help you get better quickly?

    We start by carefully assessing your injury or physical challenge to accurately identify the source of your pain (muscle, joint, nerve, disc, etc.) and its mechanical basis. Once we have a complete picture of your particular condition, we develop a treatment plan to improve your mobility and relieve your pain.

    Effective pain treatment relies on accurate diagnosis

    Dr. Cancel applies a full-spectrum approach that considers the whole picture of your health and body mechanics. Many interconnected factors determine your well-being. Beyond the immediate pain, we look at your activity level, lifestyle, nutrition, work environment, posture, major stressors, and more. 

    You are the key to your success

    We treat your care as a partnership, where you’re involved every step of the way. Your plan will include rehabilitative exercises to get you back to your pre-injury state (or better!) and optimize your strength to get you back in the game with confidence.

      When you visit Performance Sport Care for the first time, you will see that you have come to the right chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA. We are serious about delivering results and ensuring maximum return on your healthcare investment.

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      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
      Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC4 weeks ago
      Peloton Crash!

      Ever have one of those days where everything just goes wrong? Home-workout company Peloton just had one of those days, every day, for a whole quarter.

      Last year Peloton capitalized strongly on the shift to work-from-home, selling thousands of its $2,000+ bikes throughout the pandemic and building up a fanatic fanbase. This year hasn't been as easy.

      Jumping off the bike

      Probably the most worrying trend in Peloton's numbers is also the simplest: people just aren't using their Peloton as much as they used to. The number of total tracked workouts fell for the second quarter in a row, and the average member is using their Peloton about 20% less than they did this time last year.

      On top of that, the financials aren't good. Revenue did grow 6% relative to last year, but that was below expectations, and boosted by an enormous slash in the price of a Peloton. The company was hoping that the lower price would whip up crazy demand. That never happened.

      What did happen was Peloton's gross profit margin fell to 12%, from 39% a year earlier, guiding the company to an overall operating loss of $360m for the quarter. Oh, and the company is having supply chain issues, like everyone else.

      At the time of writing, the company's share price is down more than 33%

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