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Hip Strengthening Can Help Knee Osteoarthritis

A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that patients with knee osteoarthritis who perform hip-strengthening exercises can improve their ability to walk and possibly even reduce their knee pain, as well. This study was derived from...

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Weight-Training May Help Reduce Hot Flashes

Postmenopausal women can fight off hot flashes and night sweats by performing a weight-training exercise program. These are the findings of a new randomized clinical trial published in the August 2019 issue of ‘The European Menopause Journal.’ According to lead...

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The Link Between Body Fat, Inflammation And Pain

  In the minds of many, body fat is erroneously regarded as nothing more than a non-functional, inert repository for excessively consumed food calories that lazy or otherwise inactive people fail to “burn off.”  However, science has provided irrefutable evidence...

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Egg Whites – What We Were Told And What Was Wrong

  The term "Biologic Value" is the measure of a protein's properties to be absorbed by the human body and incorporated into existing body proteins for building and repair purposes. The biologic value of the whole egg is rated 93.7. Stated differently, the growth...

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Effective, affordable neck pain relief

  Are you getting tired of putting up with a tired, stiff, achy neck?  Has it become sufficiently clear that popping Advil/Tylenol, taking your friend's pain pills, or applying that muscle rub you saw on a TV commercial is not making you better?  Are you simply...

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August 2022

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Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC3 weeks ago
Several studies have shown a correlation between reduced grip strength and the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. More studies are coming to light that are showing a correlation between grip strength and heart problems, lung issues, and a lower life expectancy.

Do not underestimate the value of increased strength. We, at Performance Sport-Care, are in tune with the science of becoming strong in order to help our patients overcome injuries and improve their health. We are the leading strength and fitness focused Chiropractic facility in our community. (925) 945-1155.

Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC4 weeks ago
We are very proud to announce that our patient, Stefan Raeth, a right-handed pitcher with the University of Washington Huskies was selected in the 17th round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Seattle Mariners. He is the 13th University of Washington product to be selected by Seattle in the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

Stefan definitely earned this opportunity. And he earned it the "old fashioned way" with diligent, hard work in spite of the always present naysayers. He spent hours with Dana to develop added strength and muscle mass to compete at the highest level as well as countless hours of baseball practice and coaching to hone his skills.

Congratulations absolutely must be extended to Stefan's magnificent parents, Thomas and Tamara Raeth, whose steadfast love and support would not have made this moment possible.
Way to go, Stefan!!
Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC
Performance Sport Care - Douglas F. Cancel, DC4 weeks ago
Yes, Spinal Manipulation, more commonly known to the public as "Chiropractic Adjustments" does have a positive impact on athletes, including strength athletes. The benefits of spinal manipulation with respect to athletic performance, in general, have been reported with increasing frequency.

It shouldn't be necessary but we would nevertheless point out that Chiropractic Adjustments are certainly not a "magic bullet" to cure disease or fix all human problems. However, there is little question that Chiropractic Adjustments are VERY effective at facilitating short term physiological changes that the right evidence based clinician can use in conjunction with other relevant methodologies to solidify true change in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement.

We are very proud to position ourselves as the leading fitness focused Chiropractic facility in our community. We are serious about delivering maximum results for our patients and ensuring maximum return on their healthcare investment.

A link to the referenced study is separately posted below.