Train like you mean it.

Because you do. Performance Sport Care is not just another gym where you can sit on a machine staring at your cell phone. We’re going to challenge you. We’re going to push. And we’re going to celebrate with you as you transform your body and your life.

So the only question is:

how serious are you?

Reach your fitness goals.

Fitness isn’t easy. It takes commitment: to your goals, to yourself, and to the work. But the rewards are great. Contact us today to experience the Science of Becoming Strong.

Expert guidance to get you there.

Our experts will partner with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. We don’t meet with you just once or twice then send you on your way. We’re with you every step of the way, to help you get the body you want.

More than just working out.

Performance Sport Care takes a complete approach to fitness, to help you draw up and execute a plan that includes diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

When you change everything… you can change everything.


When you’re serious about fitness training, the available options are pretty thin.

You could go work out at one of the big chain gyms with blaring music and tv’s, locker rooms that would make a truck stop blush, and crowds of people, many of whom don’t wipe down the equipment when they’re finished or are there to strut, judge, and posture. The on-site “trainers” (if there are any) work with you once and move on. They may sometimes offer group sessions on a schedule that works for them, not you. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, and it’s not good enough.

And it’s not just about working out. We’ve all heard the saying,“you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.”But with all the fad diets, and supplements, and meal replacements, and books, and programs, and so on, where do you even begin? How do you find a meal plan that fits with your lifestyle, fitness needs, and physiology?

Our team of experts include a highly regarded a healthcare provider with over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and successfully treating sports and accident related injuries. This allows us to custom design a program consisting of exercise, nutrition, stretching, and other activities that will enable you to achieve your goals more quickly and with fewer risk of injury than you will find elsewhere.


Performance Sport Care is your complete fitness solution.

We are a small, clean, private facility with a complete array of state-of-the-art training equipment to help you develop your body and achieve your goals, whether you’re just starting out, or competing to be a world champion.

  • Need rehab after an injury?
  • Training for an upcoming event?
  • Working to improve fitness, strength, and flexibility?
  • Want to transform your body.

Our facility has what you need.


Equipment & diet are only as good as the expertise behind them.

You will get private one-on-one attention from our expert coaches. We start with a thorough review of your medical and injury history so we can tailor a program to fit your unique needs. Along the way, we keep notes on your workout to ensure continuity and monitor your progress. We treat your fitness as a partnership, providing the personalized guidance and tools to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently.


Dana K McDaniel-Cancel

Dana’s training expertise came the hard way: when she started out, she followed the advice she read online, and heard at the gym. But she was unable to get the results she wanted, until she worked out a plan specifically tailored to her needs with Dr. Cancel. Today, Dana is a high-ranking world-class Women’s Physique competitor.

Dana is all about dedication and persistence. She takes fitness and training personally and is completely invested in the success of her clients.


Douglas F. Cancel, DC 

Dr. Douglas Cancel leads a healthy lifestyle centered on strenuous exercise and strict nutrition. He maintains his own physical conditioning by incorporating strength training and cardiovascular exercise twice each day. Read more…

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Our weekend briefing:

*What is a Covid-19 "case" for CDC public reporting purposes?

Answer: A confirmed OR "probable" case of Covid-19.

**What is a COVID-19 probable case?

Answer: A "probable case" meets one of the following (3) criteria:

1) Meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with NO confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19.

2) Meeting presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence.

3) Meeting vital records criteria with NO confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19.

So, here we go:

The population of Contra Costa County is currently reported to be 1.14 million people.

As of May 24, 2020 there have been:

1) 29,667 county residents TESTED for the SARS-CoV-2 virus since testing began. (+6,950 more people tested since last week)

2) 1,321 total confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Contra Costa County since testing began. (+176 since last week).

a) Contra Costa County now reports that 1,084 of these
confirmed cases have "recovered." (+115 since last

3) 11 people are currently hospitalized in Contra Costa County with Covid-19. (-8 since last week, with 5 prior weeks of continued decline.)

4) The TOTAL accumulated number of coronavirus-related deaths in the County has now reached 36. (+3 since last week)

a) At least (1) person under the age of 51 has now died in Contra Costa County in connection with Covid-19. No information has been made available to the public in regard to the medical circumstances or possible co-morbidities associated with these deaths. Previously, no one under the age of 51 had died in Contra Costa County in association with Covid-19.


If our Contra Costa County resident friends can not find reason for optimism based upon these statistics and trends then nothing will lift their spirits.

We have been continually bombarded by our news media with reports of various mathematical models predicting frightening numbers of future infections, most of them wildly exceeding what we ultimately have witnessed around us.

It is time that we demand that our sanitation districts start monitoring SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentrations in primary municipal sewage sludge. A very interesting study about to be published (I will post it below) monitored the coronavirus concentrations of sewage sludge in a metropolitan area of Connecticut and compared it to Covid-19 hospital admissions in the area. These sludge concentrations were a seven (7) day indicator ahead of compiled Covid-19 testing data and led hospital admission data by three days.

This kind of data collection, if confirmed by other studies, might better predict future outbreaks and better guide decisions to relax or tighten public heath measures than the "mathematical models" currently used. Monitoring of coronavirus in sewage sludge is already being done in the Netherlands. (I will also post a link about the Netherlands sewage testing program below)


"Be Safe" = Be Afraid

Columnist Peggy Noonan with the Wall Street Journal recently opined that "those who are anxious to open up the economy have led harder lives than those holding out for safety." I do not know if that is a true or fair statement. But one thing is clear: matters with regard to Covid-19 are not going away anytime soon. We do we have to find a way to live with this "thing," manage it the best we can, and muddle through. Summer may give us a break. Late fall *may* bring a possible resurgence of some mutated viral strains. Time will tell.

Ms. Noonan is probably right that vaccines are likely far off, new therapies/treatments might help a lot, but keeping things closed up tight until there are enough tests isn’t a viable plan. There will never be enough tests. For a variety of unfortunate reasons testing was botched from the beginning. And if we ever catch up and perform the numbers of tests some of our "experts" and policy makers demand it will probably be at the point that tests are no longer urgently needed.

So, for those sitting on "the fence," I suggest it is time to pursue your life, your future, and your dreams. Don't rely on ANY politician to design your life for you. Remember, Americans always find a way to overcome challenges. We wish everyone an enjoyable holiday weekend.
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Our weekend briefing:

The population of Contra Costa County is currently reported to be 1.14 million people.

As of May 17, 2020 there have been:

1) 22,717 county residents TESTED for the SARS-CoV-2 virus since testing began. (+4,516 more people tested since last week)

2) 1,146 total confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Contra Costa County since testing began. (+98 since last week).

a) Contra Costa County now reports that 969 of these
confirmed cases have "recovered."

3) 19 people are currently hospitalized in Contra Costa County with Covid-19. (-2 since last week, with 4 prior weeks of continued decline.)

4) The TOTAL accumulated number of coronavirus-related deaths in the County has now reached 33. (+2 since last week)

a) No one under the age of 51 has died in Contra Costa County in connection with Covid-19.


Much of what we were told about Covid-19, particularly the statistical disease predictions turned out not to be true...certainly in Contra Costa County those predictions did not materialize. Many of our assumptions about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, based upon what was told to us in news media and social media posts were inaccurate.

But before we lay blame on people and politicians for this, let's attempt to be thoughtful and reasonable. At the beginning, our leading scientists and front line medical providers didn’t know what we were dealing with. Learning about a new disease on the fly, our medical care providers had little solid research to guide them, even though the World Health Organization’s database already lists more than 14,600 papers on COVID-19. It didn't help matters that much of this research was flawed or incomplete. Even the world’s premier public health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, constantly altered their advice to keep pace with new developments.

Of the millions, perhaps billions, of coronaviruses, six were previously known to infect humans. Four cause colds that spread easily each winter. The fifth was the SARS virus. The 6th was the MERS virus. And now comes the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Experts say it will be years until it is understood how Covid-19 damages organs and how medications, genetics, diets, lifestyles and distancing may affect its course. And there are many, many unanswered questions. After all, this is a virus that literally did not exist in humans six months ago.

We didn't know why this virus largely spares young people...until we started reading about unusual cases of young people getting sick. Otherwise, it picks on the elderly, people weakened by previous disease like high blood pressure and diabetes, and, disproportionately, the obese. It harms men more than women.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can attack many different parts of the body. We don’t understand why it causes some problems for some people and different problems for others. And we have no clue as to why this virus presents no problem whatsoever for a very large proportion of our population.

We initially understood Covid-19 to be a respiratory infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus infiltrating both the upper and lower respiratory tracts, eventually working its way deep into the lungs, filling tiny air sacs with cells and fluid that choke off the flow of oxygen.

But many scientists have come to believe that much of the disease’s devastation comes from two intertwined causes. The first is the harm the virus wreaks on blood vessels, leading to clots that can range from microscopic to sizable. Patients have suffered strokes and pulmonary emboli as clots break loose and travel to the brain and lungs.

The second is an exaggerated response from the body’s own immune system, a storm of pro-inflammatory chemicals called “cytokines” that indiscriminately attack the body’s own cells along with the virus as it seeks to defend the body from an invader.

For the information of our patients and friends, we present the currently known symptoms of COVID-19:

Strokes from blood clots, neurological issues.
Loss of smell and taste (anosmia)
Unexpected blood clotting; damage to the lining of blood vessels
Vomiting and diarrhea in some people
Clogged and inflames alveoli (air sacs), hampering breathing; pulmonary embolism from breakaway blood clots, and microclots.
Weakened heart muscle; dangerous arrhythmias and heart attacks due to small clots
Damage to structures that filter waste from blood.
“COVID toes,” or fingers, a purple rash from the attack on blood vessels
Widespread immune-system impact, including overactive immune response that attacks healthy tissue.


Nothing in life is guaranteed. Certainly not our existence. In a moment our earthly existence can come to an end, for any reason. It has been said that we are given two lives: the life we learn from and the life we live with.

Pursue your life and your life's goals. Do so responsibly and not at the expense of others. Do good things for others and make that your legacy. Think for yourself. Resist the efforts of others to form your opinions for you. Be inquisitive. Take the time to learn something new each day. And remember this: your best defense against Covid-19 is to be as healthy as you can. Exercise. Eat properly. Get sunshine. Pursue healthy relationships. Dream big. Be well.
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