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Welcome to Performance Sport Care, the home of Dr. Douglas Cancel, a distinguished sports chiropractor based in Walnut Creek, CA. With a full-service sports chiropractic and rehab facility, Dr. Cancel and his team are at the forefront of treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and pain issues, focusing on areas such as the neck, back, spine, shoulders, and extremities.

Why Choose Dr. Douglas Cancel as Your Walnut Creek Chiropractor?

Personalized and Professional Care

At Performance Sport Care, we believe in treating each patient with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, receives treatment similar to that of a professional athlete. Our approach is tailored to meet your individual needs, whether it’s for pain relief or comprehensive injury rehabilitation.

Holistic and Comprehensive Treatment

Our unique services live at the intersection of traditional chiropractic care, standard physical therapy, and advanced performance/strength training. This integrated approach has been carefully designed not only to help you  overcome injuries and pain but also focuses on your overall whole-person wellness. We conduct thorough evaluations to identify underlying issues, ensuring you have a faster recovery and a reduced risk of future injury.

Wide Range of Conditions Treated

Our expertise extends to treating conditions like Achilles tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, lower back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, tension headaches, and various sports-related and bodybuilding injuries, including those from CrossFit.

Customized Wellness Programs

Beyond chiropractic care, we offer personalized nutrition, exercise, personal training, and conditioning programs. Our experience in strength training and bodybuilding is unparalleled in Walnut Creek, setting us apart from other healthcare providers.

Extensive Medical Network

Dr. Cancel maintains strong connections with leading medical specialists across Northern California, ensuring comprehensive care. If your condition falls outside our expertise, we will promptly refer you to trusted specialists in various fields, including Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, and Sports Medicine.

Experience and Qualifications You Can Trust


30 Years of Clinical Expertise

With three decades of experience, Performance Sport Care stands out in the Walnut Creek area, including Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville, and Lafayette. Our treatments are highly individualized, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Results-Driven Approach

We understand that performance is key, regardless of your profession or lifestyle. Our goal is to help you improve in all aspects of life, not just physically. We are committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals through optimal health and wellness.

Connect with Dr. Douglas Cancel for Exceptional Chiropractic Care

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Contact Dr. Douglas Cancel at Performance Sport Care in Walnut Creek, CA. Call us at (925) 945-1155 or use our click below to schedule your appointment. Embrace a healthier, stronger you with the personalized care and attention you deserve from a leading sports chiropractor.

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**Addressing the Shortcomings of High School Weight Training Programs**At Performance Sport-Care in Walnut Creek, Dr. Douglas Cancel, a dedicated sports chiropractor, offers expert manual therapy and rehabilitative strength training to help young athletes thrive. We understand that while high school weight training programs have their benefits, they also have several shortcomings that can impact student athletes' performance and safety:1. **Lack of Proper Supervision and Instruction**: - Many high school programs lack certified strength and conditioning coaches, leading to inadequate coaching and improper lifting techniques.2. **Insufficient Individualization**: - One-size-fits-all programs fail to address the unique needs, fitness levels, and goals of individual students, potentially leading to overtraining or undertraining.3. **Safety Concerns**: - Without proper supervision and technique instruction, the risk of injuries increases significantly.4. **Lack of Comprehensive Education**: - High school programs often miss out on essential education regarding nutrition, overall fitness, and the importance of warm-up and cool-down routines.5. **Equipment and Facility Limitations**: - Outdated or insufficient equipment and limited space can hinder the effectiveness and safety of training.6. **Motivation and Engagement**: - Not all students are interested in weight training, and a lack of a supportive environment can further discourage participation.7. **Inconsistent Programs**: - Irregular training schedules and variable program quality can disrupt students' progress.8. **Focus on Aesthetics Over Functionality**: - Emphasizing appearance over functional strength and overall fitness may not align with students' true needs.At Performance Sport-Care, Dr. Douglas Cancel is committed to addressing these issues by providing personalized, safe, and effective rehabilitative strength training. Our goal is to help young athletes achieve their peak performance and stay injury-free.If you're concerned about your child's high school weight training program or want to enhance their athletic performance, contact us today. Together, we can build a stronger, healthier future for your young athlete! 💪📞#performancesportcare #sportschiropractor #rehabilitativestrengthtraining #youthathletedevelopment #injuryprevention #walnutcreekfitness ... See MoreSee Less
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*Interesting New Study*Cannabis users who contract the Covid virus are significantly more likely to require hospital treatment, a new study shows.Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Wisconsin-Madison looked at health records of 72,501 people who were treated for Covid in hospitals in the Midwest between 2020 and 2022.The study published last week shows that people who said they had used cannabis during the preceding year before catching Covid were 80 percent more likely to be hospitalized. They were also 27 percent more likely to need intensive care treatment than those who had not used cannabis, the study found. ... See MoreSee Less
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